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How Does It Work?

We are offering a completely free skin care consultation from our Licensed Web Aesthetician and Professional Make-Up Artist, Kathleen Odell. All you need to do is click here to register and then fill out the detailed questionnaire.

Kathleen will analyze the information you provide and send you back a detailed daily recommendation for morning and evening skin care routines. This is completely custom tailored for YOU.

Once you have completed the questionnaire and received your response (which takes one to two business days), then you will be able to buy the Professional Skin Care Products which you see listed in our site.

Just write down and remember the email address and password you are about to set up, and in the future you will be able to log in and buy any of these incredible products which are ONLY available through professional outlets like doctors' offices, spas and licensed aestheticians.

In years gone by, I've noticed something over and over again with spa clients... no matter how sophisticated they are OR unknowledgeable about their skin care practice and product knowledge, most men AND women (a huge percentage!) haven't been introduced to a professional, effective, complete and TARGETED home skin care régime...

Whether you want a basic 2 step program or an extensive skin care régime, using Professional Quality skin care products recommended for your skin care needs by a Licensed Aesthetician WILL give you incredible results!

In most spa, salon or medical offices, skin care professionals consider themselves 'artists!' NOT 'salespeople!' The 'old school of thought' was that 'pushing' home skin care products on their clients or even taking the time to ask the questions and make product suggestions, would only be done by a "pushy salesperson!"

My background and experience began in retail/product sales. I sincerely believe that I'm doing my client a favor by taking the time to understand what they are doing at home, what they are willing to do and what they want to accomplish in their skin appearance.


I believe, any potential client wouldn't be at the spa or reading a skin care/cosmetic website if they really weren't interested in the best skin care products, don't you agree? The time spent for a skin consultation and then the future outcome is a WIN/WIN for both parties!After my spa consultations, clients would then have the opportunity to purchase their products. Or, after the skin care and product information had a chance to 'settle' in they could purchase products in the future. In some cases, they use up previously purchased items (from other skin care companies) and work the imoxie products into their régime a little at a time… whatever the client chooses!

I feel it's extremely important and a part of my job to inform clients of the BEST choices available. Then target a régime with the best skin care products for THEIR specific needs, lifestyle and budget. The cosmetics gals at the drug stores are there to stock the shelves, giving minimal information. Gals and guys behind the counter at department stores are basically taught how to sell the product lines! (usually they don't have a non-biased, general knowledge of how the skin functions)

I have spent years formulating the ideal questions for your web consultation. These are the same questions I ask my clients if they are sitting in front of me at the spa. Please answer the following questions as completely and clearly as possible. Include brand names and be as thorough as you can. Email me a picture of yourself (to imoxie@imoxie.com) if you think I need to see something in particular. Your régime may need adjusting over time. Seasons, lifestyles and a variety of life changes can determine new skin care needs. Keep me updated with any changes in your skin.


For the best results, be diligent using your new imoxie professional skin care products. Get into the habit of doing your régime after you wake up everyday and each time before bed. Remember, imoxie's skin products are absolutely the best skin care products in quality and effectiveness.

Start each day at the minimum by cleansing your skin, continue by protecting it from the environment continually while you're awake… full spectrum-SPF moisturizer, and/or lubricant. Then before bedtime, use products that help your body repair itself from the environmental damage done during the day ….pollution, sun, environmental stresses and just plain 'old stress... etc.! Our Professional Skin Care Products will Deliver Results Like you have never seen before!

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